Anyone Gets The Fresh Jlaw Impulse Face?

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/television/ - Television & Video Start typing to fill the proof graphic. Pass users that are 4chan may bypass this proof. [ Learn More ] [ Login ] Document Please browse the principles. 08/12/14 WE OPT FOR NOOOOOOOOLAN 09/06/14(Sat)07:46:19 No. 48414811 File: 10608763_346419462179203_(...).jpg (98 KB, 828x1080) WE GO FOR NOOOOOOOOLAN Unknown 09/06/14(Sat)07:46:19 No. 48414811

Is this a superb graph? I've merely viewed Orange, Seven Samurai,...

>> You already noticed the best one in the chart >> Please stop posting on this board.

So, /tv/ huh? I've simply saw this matter for the first...

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>he is not compensated for your work he...

08/12/14 Unknown 09/06/14(Sat)07:45:42 No. 48414798 Therefore, /television/ huh? I have just watched this matter for the first time and I heard it's /tv/'s repertoire's absolute peak. Currently can somebody show me the way the fuck was this bin of rubbish allowed to be in or guru, awesome the GREAT that is lowest? 6 7/10 at fucking greatest because of the creativity, but all together the movie was a mess. I Would be quite thankful if someone can explain to me exactly why is the top of cinematography.

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