Chunk’s Again, And He Introduced Their Sleep With Him

We first met Amount earlier this week, discussing the stairs for the first-time. He doesn’t have nearly that somewhat challenge along with his new mattress.

Bring It ON, Oldman Winter

It’s the first time of winter in the US, and this small gentleman is clothed and able to go!

I Mall Tuckered Out!

“Here's my guinea pig Louie, all clothed hot for your holidays. I really hope when I do, you find him as lovely! I needed the photography myself, and my label is Bethany!”

Hunkered Down Over A Freezing Winter’s Nighttime

Every winter solstice, buying is actually a hot matter, and my toes feel like sizzling kohls! The jostle like an old navy fleet of some banana republic, sent by fossils that were aged tickled red conserve and to payless a couple of penneys on staples! I suppose I’ll get into this distance and sleep like a bebe, although I’d prefer to conceal in a foot locker, or possibly Pandora’s field. Also make it ” notices IRaiseGuideDogs, through the front door.

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