Cnbc Denounces Traditional Boss - Mike Swanson (01/22/2015)| Christianity is not the real religion of the United States - conformity and worship of state power is. And on days when their stocks go up the masses CRAVE picks in anything no matter how expensive the stock is and believe the Fed will make the market go up forever for them. And so Cramer delivered a Netflix pump last night: In 2007 Cramer fed his viewers over 3,700 separate and individual stock picks using very complicated and deep analysis in what amounted to essentially yelling and spitting the picks out of his mouth at his audience nonstop. "BUY BUY BUY BUY!" And so they bought. BTW - you can watch a speech by the next Greek PM and judge for yourself if he is someone you need to fear and hate by going here .

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Rebalance IRA manages retirement accounts with portfolios built by our Investment Advisory Board: Burt Malkiel (the Princeton professor who wrote A Random Walk Down Wall Street), Charles Ellis (past chair of Yales Endowment) and Jay Vivian (who ran IBMs retirement funds). MarketRiders is an online portfolio management system for do-it-yourself investors. Both services use low-cost ETFs, scientific asset allocation and disciplined rebalancing.

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